Annabel Boys
Health coach with a PhD in health behaviour

Health Coach for Women

Health Coach for Women


Food issues?  Wonky hormones? Lack of confidence?

The relationship we have with our bodies can be tricky. I know, I’ve been there. 

If you and your body are at loggerheads, I can help. Your body is amazing (even if it sometimes feels like it’s working against you). Learn to trust it and listen to it and love it.

Stop your struggles with willpower, ditch the diets and say no to perfection (there’s no such thing), guilt and denial.


I’ll show you how to make peace with your body.  For once and for all.

Imagine having more va va voom and energy to do the things you LOVE.

I work with women of all ages, including teenagers, in small online groups or one-to-one sessions. I can help you identify simple, practical changes to your unique lifestyle and diet that will seamlessly become part of your daily routine. Effortlessly. Together we will create a bespoke health strategy, giving you the tools to discover more energyconfidence and sparkle in every area of your precious life.

You are one step away from a happier, healthier YOU.

If you’ve lost your way or need some gentle guidance, I will hold your hand as you find the best pathway for you. Whether you’re in the UK or further afield, you’re only a phone call or Skype chat away from the happier, healthier, 'real you'.

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Ready to embrace the life that you deserve? Tell me about the challenges you’re facing and let’s see if I can help you. I’m taking on a few new clients at the moment. Please get in touch and be as specific as you can on how you think you need supporting. The ‘right fit’ is so important for you.

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Not sure you’re ready? Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me:

17 year old Zoe describes her own experience working with health coach Dr Annabel Boys after being diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In her own words the experience has been 'life-changing'.

Words from Kara - who I coached remotely:

"My time spent receiving coaching from Annabel on how best to improve my well being came at a time when I was at my most vulnerable. I was mentally and physically exhausted and for me, meeting Annabel, was like a ray of sunshine.

I've often told Annabel that our interactions - even though they have been conducted remotely - have been akin to her giving me a hug just when I needed it. And I remember when I was at my lowest, there was one piece of advice she said that always resurfaces and gives me that comfort that I need .... that virtual hug.

Annabel's support has not just been emotional but also practical and has given me tools that I can hold on to to navigate through some of the physical challenges I have had.

I am grateful and thank her for sticking by me even when I did not want to talk or couldn't articulate what I needed. Thank you Annabel x" (Kara, aged 37, journalist).

"Working with Annabel over the last 6 months has been absolutely brilliant. I would fully recommend her to anyone looking to improve their diet/fitness and general well being" Sarah - Business Owner and busy Mum.


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 Ready to embrace the life that you deserve? Get in touch with me - lets talk!