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Gluten-free seeded bread

This recipe will change your life! If you don't want to eat shop bought gluten-free bread (have you seen the list of ingredients?) here's the answer: its really easy to make (take a look at the video - you just mix everything together), tremendously versatile and even satisfies the gluten-eaters in the family so we don’t end up having to bake twice.

If you're feeling adventurous then try playing around with the ingredients a bit - it seems to work well with different types of nuts and seeds. A firm favourite so far is walnut and sunflower seed. Using self-raising gluten-free flour (or adding some baking powder) also helps to lift it a little if you find it can be a little ‘dense’.


400g gluten-free flour or brown rice flour
200g ground almonds
200g seeds (pumpkin and sunflower work well)
3 tbsp psyllium husk powder (this is essential to bind the bread)
3 tbsp chia seeds
500-600ml cold water
Herbs (optional)
Combine all the ingredients and make a 'loaf shape'. Set aside for an hour and then bake at 180' centigrade (350'F) for 50-60 mins (or until brown). 
Annabel Boys