Annabel Boys
Health coach with a PhD in health behaviour


"Abandon pressure for perfection and pour your energy into feeling good instead."

Dr Annabel Boys, PhD - certified health coach

Dr Annabel Boys, PhD - certified health coach


Good health doesn't have to be complicated. It's not about superfoods, magic supplements or the latest fad regime ...

It's simply a question of sticking to a few solid, good habits, cutting the crap and then getting on with what's important - enjoying life.

If you're honest, wouldn't you agree that constantly being on a diet is just tedious? How much of your precious time do you really want to spend obsessing about this or that, feeling guilty about what you're eating and feeling rubbish because you don't look like the fake photoshopped images that modern life bombards us with?

Let's work out some simple habits that suit YOU. Habits tailored for your unique body and lifestyle and that have you feeling your best. I'll help you learn to decode your body and fathom what it needs to feel nourished, loved and in balance. It really isn't rocket science.  

I offer a simple 1 to 1 coaching service for women who yearn for a different lifestyle; women who feel ‘stuck’ with negative body image and self-sabotaging behaviours; women longing to access their right, true, best self and reclaim their time for what is TRULY important in life.

We'll use tools and techniques I've gathered and developed over 20 years of experience to super-charge your motivation and to recognise and change sabotaging habits that may be tripping you up.  We won't focus on diets, fads, or anything that is unachievable - instead we'll find the simple adjustments that become long-term habits and have the greatest effect. My techniques may be subtle, but the changes you will experience are anything but! 

Are you fed up of feeling dissatisfied and uncomfortable in your own skin? Sick of trying to live up to unrealistic instagrammed images? Tired of constantly chasing after the next magic fad diet? Life is way too short for all that - its time to turn your back on guilt and denial and get ready for transformation. 

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